Zhirinovsky, “Send Lukashenko to the Lenin State Farm”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of the far-right Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, spoke at the Russian Duma offering sharp criticism against the President of Belarus.

“Lukashenka is not capable to rule. He will make a good director of the sovkhoz (state farm). Transfer him to Moscow and let him manage the Lenin State Farm. And Belarus must end its existence.”

“Belarus has to be back to Russia. There is no Belarus! There are only provinces – Vitebsk, Minsk, Brest, Grondno, Gomel.”

Zhirinovsky said “This monster (Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the opposition leader) earned a tribunal. She wanders and begs all over Europe, selling the country. The Europeans do not need Tikhanovskaya; they need a territory that they will turn into a military base.”

Zhirinovsky expressed concern over the risk of cruel civil war and said he hopes the authorities will do everything possible to prevent illegal actions of the opposition.

Anyway, he seems to believe Lukashenka will leave his post under the pressure. “We hope the residents of Belarus have a peaceful life tomorrow, so that no blood is shed, that no one is killed, so that the Belarusians will finally make a decision together. Yes, you are tired of Lukashenka. Of course he will leave. But it is important that Sverdlov, Lenin, Stalin, Bukharins came instead of him to you, like we have, instead of the tsar”

He long has been known for his problematic remarks and extreme position (and has been popular for that in parts of Russia). He proved that his age (he is 74 years old this year) would not soften his tongue. Anyway, even the far-right politician seems to be fine with Lukashanka stepping down.

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