More than half of Russian Medics Negative against New Covid Vaccine – Poll

Photo: Владимир Песня / РИА Новости

According to the survey conducted with the “Doctor’s Handbook app”, 52% of Russian medics “won’t receive the new vaccine”, RBC reported. Only 24.5% of survey respondents said they are ready to get vaccinated. The number of Russian medics participated in the survey was 3,040.

Among the 52% of healthcare workers, 66% said data was insufficient to establish its effectiveness, and 48% said the development was too fast. However, about 20% of the medics who won’t get vaccinated responded that they would still recommend the vaccine to patients, colleagues and friends.

On August 11, President Vladimir Putin announced the approval of “the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine” named as “Sputnik V” in an apparent reference to the Cold War-era space race. Russian official hastily approved the vaccine without critical phase 3 trials, but the survey shows that there is healthy distrust against the new vaccine among healthcare professionals in their own market.

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