Russian Passenger Car Market – 38% are imported cars

According to the Russian auto market research agency “Автостат”, 17 million passenger cars, or about 38% of the total passenger car fleet in Russia are imported cars (as of July 1, 2020). More than half of them (7 million vehicles) are from Japan, and 3.6 million vehicles are from Germany. The number of vehicles made in South Korea and the U.K is 1.1 million respectively. No other country accounts for more than 1 million cars.

As for manufacturers, Toyota represents the largest share and accounts for 3.6 million passenger cars, followed by Nissan (1.6 million) and Mitsubishi (1 million). Volkswagen is No. 4 at 828 thousand.

The top brand is Toyota Corolla (714 thousand), followed by Daewoo Nexia (421 thousand) and Volkswagen Passat (343 thousand).

Import from China should be increasing, but they still have not reached 1 million in terms of the total number of registered cars.

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