Fee Table

UnitFee (USD)
English to Russianper 1 word of original text0.2
Russian to Englishper 1 character of original text0.05

Russian is a difficult language. According to the School of Language Studies (SLS) that provides language and culture training to U.S. Government employees, Russian is one of “Hard Languages” (Language with significant linguistic or cultural differences from English). Similarly, English is a “hard language” for most Russian speakers.

Consequently, in the first stage of our translation projects, a native or semi-native speaker of the original language translates a material, not to miss any information and nuance in an original document. Then, a native speaker of the target language revises or rewrite the translated texts in a way that it conforms to linguistic and cultural norms of the target language AND delivers the original information and intent most expertly in the local setup.

We can work on translation projects in any field, from a personal letter or short message, internal business correspondences, advertising, technical documents to academic literatures. Please contact us to for the estimates of the fee and the turn around time.